All You Need to Know about the WAA Ultra Carrier Shirt


The WAA Ultra Carrier Shirt brings a whole new product category to running gear. The concept of the Ultra Carrier Shirt allows you to carry your gear during long runs without needing to carry a pack. The front and rear pocket give you fingertip access to everything you are carrying. No longer do you need to remove your pack just to access that one gel you want from a rear pocket. The Ultra Carrier Shirt pairs perfectly with handheld bottles, a pack, or works well on its own.



Rear Pockets


The rear pockets allow storage of essential race and run gear. Some of the essentials that are great to store in the rear pockets are: Jacket, gloves, hat, emergency blanket, emergency gear, and extra nutrition. The rear pockets can also carry a small amount of liquid or stash your empty handheld bottle with easy.





Front Pockets

The two front pockets are designed to carry your nutrition and provide easy access to your phone, camera, or audio. Don’t miss a great picture because your phone was tucked deep into the back of your pack. You can carry over a thousand calories right where you need it with easy access on the move.

Using the Ultra Carrier Shirt with a Pack

Although the Ultra Carrier Shirt is designed to carry much of the gear you would carry in a pack, it pairs exceptionally well with most race vests. If you like carrying water in a bladder or in a front load bottle pack the Ultra Carrier Shirt gives you the access to your gear that might otherwise be tucked away in the pack. Leave your pack on as you can reach into the rear pockets to access your layers as the weather and conditions change. 


The Ultra Carrier Shirt is a form fitting compression garment. The tight fitting nature of the shirt allows you to carry the maximum amount of gear in the rear pockets without bouncing. We recommend that you order your typical shirt size. If you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up one size. Don’t worry too much about getting the perfect size, we make returns and exchanges easy, just email us and we will send you a return label.

Short vs. Long

The Ultra Carrier Shirt comes in both a short sleeve and long sleeve version. Both versions feature a full-length front zipper to allow for better temperature control.